Power Point  is a company specialized in supplying a wide range of power semiconductors
devices, high speed fuses designed for their protection and solid state relays.

Power Point  is positively introduced in the market within its province thanks to the continuous
direct technical and commercial relationships with the major and most qualified manufacturers, guaranteeing to its customers base the right compromise in terms of competitiveness and reliability.
The operative energy, the competence and the flexibility are our main characteristics.
The professional seriousness, the careful and responsible attention to the customer's problems
and the courtesy in presenting ourselves to our partners, are the elements on which we base the management of our activity.

Power Point  operates mainly in the "High Power" and "Input Rectification" market through:
>  Selecting one "narrow" range of products, finalized to the most complete possible
   coverage of the industrial standard packages
>  Deciding to manage, in a most accurate way, the minimum warehouse supply levels,
    guaranteeing to the customers the stock delivery
>  Focusing on the products considered to be of difficult immediate availability
>  Deciding to formally guarantee "buffer stock" dedicated to its strategic customers