Sales program
>  Rectifier diodes
>  Thyristors
>  Isolated power modules with diodes and thyristors
>  Compact bridge rectifiers 1 phase and 3 phase whith diodes and thyristors
>  High speed fuses for semiconductors protection
>  Electronic components for switching applications
>  Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) for overvoltage protection
>  Extruded and pressofused heatsinks for power electronic applications
>  Accessories for power semiconductor assemblies
>  Diodes and/or thyristors power units using different cooling system (free or forced air, water)
>  Solid state relays 1 phase and 3 phase for panel mount-DIN rail-PCB
>  Power electronic regulators
>  Technical electromechanic accessories
>  Passive components for power electronic
>  Thermal Management Products and related components