Power semiconductor assemblies

Input rectification and power control

Power semiconductor units built in different configurations

>  free air cooled
>  forced air cooled
>  water cooled

Power control

Static “ECONOSWITCH” units with integral heatsink

>  Excellent performance / cost relationship
>  Compact design
>  DIN rail or panel mount
>  Modular system for high flexibility in specific solutions
>  Integrated high speed fuse protection

Accessories for power semiconductor assemblies

>  box clamps and clamps for hokey puck semiconductors
>  bus bars connection
>  isolating spacers
>  conducting fastening spacers and general mechanical adapters
>  single and multiple clips for fixing plastic discrete packages on heatsink
>  isolated cables for gate/cathode connection
>  keyed gate-cathode twin plugs connection with isolated cables
>  special mechanical fitting accessories for screw semiconductors that are of
    difficult availability and/or obsolete parts
       •  bushes
       •  copper bases for replacement old flat base parts