>  Power semiconductor assemblies 

Thermal management products 

Thermal Heatsinks

>  Aluminium extruded heatsinks for medium-high power applications including power
    modules and stud types semiconductors
>  Aluminium extruded heatsinks particularly fit for high power - forced air
    cooling systems including power modules and capsule types semiconductors
>  Special heatsinks offered as complete DIN rail mounting systems, providing convenient
    platform for the popular panel mount SSRs to be placed to the universal foot fits
    standard 35 mm DIN carrier rails

Forced Air Cooling Systems

>  Axial fans
>  Tangential blowers
>  Radial fans
>  Centrifugal blowers and fans

Accessories for fan operation

>  Finger guards
>  Filters, Screens and related bracketing systems
>  Connecting cables
>  Bimetallic temperature sensors
>  Starting Capacitors

Thermally conductive interface materials (clean / grease-free / flexible)

available in: std configurations; sheet and roll form;
in accordance to customer specifications

>  Insulating foils with polyimide
       •  with phase change compound
       •  with silicone coating
>  Thermo-silicone insulating foils
>  Thermo-silicone insulating caps and tubes
>  Non insulating foils
       •  aluminium with phase change compound
       •  phase change, silicone-free material
       •  graphite material
>  Non insulating phase change, silicone free solid compound
       •  dry to the touch
       •  easy to use hand-held block applicator (stick form)